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April 2021 –
Vision Sensors

💡 Image capturing and evalua­tion of 2D and 3D images have become indispen­sable in modern production – from de-palletising of components and the alignment of the work­piece at processing stations, to automatic optical inspections (AOI). Using barcodes, QR codes and DMC, ID readers can be used to track the manufac­turing process from start to finish. This enables a clear identifi­cation of the products throughout the entire product life cycle.

As full-range supplier, we develop the testing machine based on your require­ments.

Today we would like to introduce image processing sensors.

Even inexpensive vision sensors, such as the In-Sight 2000 series from Cognex, can handle simple applications for localisation, presence and absence detection, and measurement and counting applications.

Examples of the tool range:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Edge detection
  • Pixel number recognition
  • Brightness/contrast evaluation

3D sensors, such as the ifm O3D, are used to record distances, levels and volumes. The application possibilities are almost unlimited:

  • Completeness checks
  • 3D object measurement
  • Level measurement/limit level detection (e.g. of bulk material or chip buckets)
  • Palletising/de-palletising
  • Bin picking
  • Robot guidance

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