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Mössner casting finishing systems



Mössner casting technology automates the flexible cleaning, deburring and initial processing of cast parts.

The automatic deburring is controlled by freely programmable robots. The six-axis handling of the cast parts at different processing stations allows fine deburring, for example, of the separation burrs with high-frequency milling spindles or the deburring, cleaning and processing of holes and openings in multiple spindle drilling stations, which can be rapidly adapted, as well as the removal of burrs using a deburring press. Cast parts can be checked automatically at measuring or camera stations, and inside the part at endoscopic or x-ray stations with cameras.

Castings can be deburred and finished using the deburring center, and secondary burrs can also be removed. The system is highly flexible and comparable to manual processing. New processing processes can be created and started within a short space of time. Handling is easy. The compact and space-efficient construction allows it to be erected even in compact and limited spaces. The deburring centre is supplied as a complete unit with simple installation.