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Conveying Technology

Conveying Technology

We develop complete transport systems with the necessary control and automation technology.

We offer a wide range of conveying solutions for different workpiece sizes and weights. The applications of our conveying systems range from workpieces such as cylinder heads to materials and products weighing several tons.


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Conveying routes for workpieces and pallets

It is possible to transport workpieces and pallets on our conveying routes. Even the transport of workpieces on pallets with a return transport of empty pallets is no problem on our conveying solutions. The transport systems can be designed as roller conveyors, chain conveyors and belt conveyors. In addition, lifts may be integrated into the conveyor routes to be able to convey to different levels. The conveyor routes can be designed to accumulate and thus buffer workpieces.


Turntables enable the workpieces to be turned. They can be used within automated systems as well as for the loading and unloading process of a system. Turntables enable the separation of different plant areas and thus emergency operation of individual cells. For manual loading and unloading, we also offer supplementary solutions to protect the operator, for example with safety light curtains and safety laser scanners. 


Shuttles are used to convey workpieces into systems or to move out processed workpieces. This provides the operator with the best possible protection. Workpiece-specific devices are mounted on the shuttle and ensure safe transport and easy loading and unloading. Similar to turntables, shuttles may be used for safe separation of plant areas. In the event of malfunction, only individual cell areas must be shut down. 

Heavy Duty Transport Systems

Our individual heavy-duty transport systems enable the transport of workpieces or materials weighing several tons. We would be pleased to advise you on your transport task.

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