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Removing sprue systems with saws is the fastest and most efficient way to separate them from the casting.

Our solutions enable close to contour sawing. This reduces the amount of reworking required by machining at processing centres or robot milling stations and increases the amount of recyclable material and is therefore resource-saving and energy-efficient at the same time.

A thin cutting channel, close to contour sawing and low energy consumption – these are the advantages of our band sawing solutions for the separation of sprue systems, feeder systems, gates, sprue ponds, sprue channels, slag runs and slag screens. Learn more about our robot-guided sawing solutions, bandsaws with feed units and our multi-axis bandsaws for e.g. fittings.

Circular saws are the ideal supplement to the cutting capabilities of bandsaws. Thus, sprue screens, screen cores and filters can be easily separated at a circular saw station. Contamination of the recycled material is thus avoided. Circular saws are available from us as fixed stations for robot processing, as robot-guided tools and with their own feed unit.

Benefit from the advantages of our sawing technology

  • Easier bleed design
  • Increase of recyclable material
  • Lower tool costs
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Energy-saving
  • Resource-saving

Learn more about our different sawing solutions:

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