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HPDC automation

HPDC high pressure die casting automation

Turnkey systems and individual components for die casting.

Our systems technology and automation solutions take over the unloading from the casting machine, testing, cooling, sawing, deburring and mould spraying (mould release agent). In addition, we offer solutions for workpiece marking with needle embossers or marking lasers as well as workpiece transport with the help of our conveyor technology.


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For your task we develop custom-fit gripping systems for a wide range of robot systems, such as KUKA, ABB and Fanuc. Our handling grippers enable the unloading of castings from the casting machine at the casting biscuit, the casting runs or the contour. Special machining grippers and combination grippers supplement the removal process with the process-safe gripping of the workpieces during sawing.

In addition to mechanical components, we offer the necessary control and robot software for the integration of KUKA, ABB and Fanuc robots. During the development phase we rely on simulation systems. This ensures accessibility and collision-free loading and unloading of the casting machine or other system components and ensures minimum cycle times. Through offline programming, we achieve a considerable reduction in commissioning time and ensure a reliable SOP due to virtual tests carried out in advance.

Our qualified personnel takes over commissioning of the robot systems directly at your plant. In addition, we support you in cycle time and process optimisation as well as the integration of new workpiece types in existing systems.

Our solutions in the field of robotics:

  • Development, production and assembly of handling grippers and hose packages
  • Integration and programming of KUKA, ABB and Fanuc robots
  • Commissioning, programming and teaching of robots by our qualified personnel at your site
  • Simulation and offline programming of robot systems
  • Cycle time analyses and optimisation based on robot simulation

From simple and cost-effective inspection stations to 3D camera systems, we develop a wide range of solutions for quality inspection in die casting. Common applications are the detection of defects and complete unloading from the casting machine up to the inspection of the surface quality.

Learn more about 2D measuring systems, 2D image processing systems, 3D profile sensors and 3D area scan cameras in the field of engineering and image processing.

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Contrary to circular saws, band saws offer advantages in contour cutting and energy consumption. Due to the thinner cutting channel, considerably less chips are produced than with circular saws. This increases the amount of recyclable material and at the same time enables larger ingates and a simpler ingate design. This in turn saves costs in development, tool making and the casting process.

Our special hot sawing package in combination with the mechanical construction of a band saw allows hot sawing. Hot sawing requires special guides and lubricants in addition to the appropriate band sawing technology. The hot sprues can be cut without having to be cooled down in an extra energy-intensive way. They can be re-melted directly at the plant.
By sawing off the casting systems, the performance of hydraulic deburring presses may be reduced. In comparison to parting lines, casting systems are many times thicker and therefore require a higher press capacity. The use of a band saw thus considerably reduces the investment costs.

Hot sawing reduces energy consumption and thus your energy costs. An investment that pays for itself.

Learn more about the advantages of band saws in die-casting:

  • Reduced chip accumulation and energy consumption compared to circular saws
  • Simple and larger gating design possible
  • Reduction of energy consumption during cooling by hot sawing
  • Sawing close to contour possible
  • Replaces a coarse press or reduces the required press capacity

Learn more about our robot bandsaws, bandsaws with feed tables and special saws in the sawing sector.

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So-called inserts are used to reduce the weight of castings. These are recast in the die-casting machine. However, they must first be placed in the casting machine. We offer automated solutions and the necessary input systems for this purpose.

Inserts can be fed into the casting cell via turntables with exchangeable receiving pallets and storage function. We also offer conveyor belts which, in addition to the storage function, allow the inserts to be heated.

Our services for the automated insertion of your inserts:

  • Handling systems for inserts
  • Turn tables with storage function
  • Input belts with storage function and heating systems

Learn more about our cross-process areas:

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