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January 2020 –
Review Official opening of new plant of Fagor Erderlan at Bergara

On the 18th of November Fagor Ederlan held the official opening event of its new plant in the city of Bergara, a small city between Bilbao and San Sebastian, dedicated to the production of aluminium parts for the automotive sector. This region is located in the Basque Country and has the highest density of industry in Spain, where specifically the foundry sector, is one of the main traditional part of its economy.

Fagor Ederlan was honored by the visit of the Minister of the Basque Country, Mr. Urkullu, who pointed out the values of the company, especially in the current international economic situation and encouraged all to believe in the vision of its parent company Cooperativa Mondragon (MCC).

MCC is composed of many co-operative companies grouped basically into four areas: industry, finance, retail and knowledge. In each company, the co-op members (averaging up to 85% of all workers) collectively own and direct the group. An annual general assembly takes place where the workers choose the managing board and have the power to make all the strategic decisions of the group.

The total investment for the new plant was 55 Mio € and 220 people are employed. The capacity of the new plant is 1.7 Mio parts. The total capacity of the group is more than 6 Mio castings a year.

Five lines from August Mössner are already in full production of aluminium knuckles. The project was a big challenge because of the extremely demanding cycle times, but the results and the almost free of failure performance of the lines makes the production management of the plant extremely satisfied with the company August Mössner.

The scope of supply of Mössner covers the five lines of pre-machining, each of them with three robots for several tasks like: taking the parts from the casting machine, cooling the parts in a water basin, laser marking, deburring and sawing.

August Mössner says thank you for the great cooperation and looks forward to many more exciting projects with Fagor Ederlan.

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