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March 2021 –
Machining spindels

Our processing spindles are ideal for machining aluminium and grey cast iron parts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, structural parts and chassis parts. To live up to our quality promise, every single belt spindle is extensively tested on our own test stand after assembly.

Our spindles are used in particular for machining and cutting with robots. They have been used for deburring, milling, sawing, cutting and grinding for over 20 years. The mechanical design allows vibrations that occur during robot machining to be absorbed. Optional internal cooling enables the use of internally cooled tools. This means that there are no interfering nozzles in the machining area, especially during robot machining.

Our belt spindles can be used in different versions for almost any application. The extremely robust spindles impress even in harsh environments such as the foundry industry with their durability, constantly high torque and consistent, maximum precision

By manufacturing our own spindles, we ensure the highest quality, availability and durability. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your drilling, milling, deburring or circular saw applications.

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