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March 2024 –
In use worldwide – our 3-in-1 decoring machine!

The Mössner 3-in-1 decoring machine combines the process steps of hammering, vibrating and turning in just one machine, which means that sand only accumulates in one place, significantly reducing sand carryover. For you, this means less effort and maximum efficiency.
Unique advantages:

  • Reduced effort: Only one loading and unloading process for three process steps.
  • Robust design: Dispensing with complex gears reduces susceptibility to errors and maintenance costs.
  • Efficient processes: Two powerful unbalance motors enable a directed oscillating movement for optimum decoring.
  • Flexibility: Manual or robot-assisted loading and unloading with customised interfaces for simple system integration.
  • Ease of use: Noise protection cabin with automatic loading door.

Our machine is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from cylinder heads to chassis parts. Let’s optimise your production processes together!
Interested in a demonstration or a decoring trial? Our technical centre also supports you with pre-series for sampling.