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Januar 2021 –
Small meets big

Mössner has been building #bandsawmachines for the sawing of #aluminium billets for the past 30 years.

In the past weeks we have given various insights into our current billet sawing project.

Now it is time to say “goodbye”, because what is probably the largest saw in the world is being dismantled and transported to the customer. The pain of parting is short-lived, however, because the band saw is reassembled at the customer’s site and put into operation by our specialists.

Did you know that the saws weigh up to 350 tonnes and the saw drive can generate up to 110 kilowatts? Aluminium slab saws are mainly used in rolling mills and in the production of aluminium.

The picture shows the development and “growth” of the saws at Mössner in recent years. The billet saws are up to four metres high. In comparison, the band saw SSF 420 shown here is almost tiny at just under two metres.

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