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ID Readers

ID Readers

For reading and simultaneously verifying the readability of barcodes, 2D matrix codes (DMC) and OCR codes, we use various systems from Cognex and Keyence. These systems are designed as stationary or portable barcode readers, depending on your requirements.

We also gladly offer you complete solutions for the application of directly marked codes (DPM) using needle embossers or laser marking systems. In this field we rely on laser technology from Trumpf, Keyence and needle embossers from Markator. Required feeding and protection systems – such as suction systems or laser protection cabins – can be developed specifically for you. Stand-alone solutions and integration into existing systems can be implemented.

The verification of codes enables a check and print control according to the following standards

  • ISO/IEC 15416
  • IOS/IEC 15415
  • ISO/IEC TR 29158 (AIM-DPM-1-2006)
  • ISO/IEC 16022
  • SAE AS9132
  • SEMI T10-0701