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2D Vision Systems

2D Vision Systems

Our 2D vision systems enable the inspection, identification and localisation of workpieces. The following tasks can be performed by the systems:

  • Blob detection
  • Detection and inspection of edges
  • Error detection tools
  • Checking for compliance with geometries
  • Tools for the evaluation of histograms
  • ID tools
  • Image filter tools 
  • Optical character recognition tools (OCR)
  • Pattern matching tools
  • Colour matching tools
  • Colour tools
  • 2D position detection
  • Robot guidance

2D position detection allows you to develop specific applications for your 2D guided robot system. For example, workpieces do not have to be fed in an orderly manner – the vision system detects the position and orientation of your workpiece and automatically guides the robot to the correct gripping position. We also offer the use of Integrated Vision if ABB robots are applied. This system offers the possibility to connect a Cognex camera system directly to the robot. The camera image as well as the continuously determined waypoints for the robot are then displayed directly on the FlexPendant of the robot.

We gladly offer you complete solutions for your needs. In addition to the actual camera system, this includes the development of the corresponding robot application, the gripping systems, the robot programming as well as the alignment of camera and robot coordinate systems.