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Circular saws

Circular saws

Mössner circular saws with a drive power of up to 30kW are particularly characterised by their robust spindles with belt drive.

Our circular saws with NC axes carry out the feed movements directly on the machine. They are available as semi-automatic circular saws with manual or robot-guided loading and unloading.

Basically, there are two versions for circular saws:

  • Fixed circular saw with feed unit
  • Moving circular saw with fixed workpiece holder

When the workpiece holder is fixed, a rotary table guides the workpiece to the sawing position. The circular saw then moves to the processing position and carries out the sawing operation. Meanwhile, the already processed workpiece can be unloaded on the other side of the rotary table. This reduces downtime during sawing to a minimum. The feed unit is mounted on an NC axis which moves the workpiece along the circular saw and separates the feeder and casting ingate.

Our circular saws are equipped with

  • Variable cutting speed
  • Minimum quantity spray device
  • Unit for separating the chips
  • Baffle plates for chips and sprue systems

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