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Robot circular saws

Robot circular saws

Circular saws and bandsaws are the perfect combination for a wide range of cutting tasks. Our flexible systems thus enable the processing of a wide range of different systems.

Our robust processing spindles for robot processing are available in different performance versions. These are particularly suitable for the use in the harsh foundry environment. The spindles are suitable for holding a wide variety of circular saw blades. The length of the shank can be adapted to your requirements.

Robot circular saws are available either for workpiece guidance or tool guidance.

When guiding the workpiece, the industrial robot moves the workpiece along the fixed circular saw. Special circular saw stations are available for this purpose. In addition to minimum quantity lubrication, these also include suitable guide plates for chips and feeders. This variant is particularly suitable for the use with a bandsaw and for filter separation.

The tool-guided version adapts the spindle to the robot. The robot thus does not move the workpiece, but the tool along the workpiece. The workpiece is fixed on a workpiece-specific fixture. The removal of the chips and the recyclable material takes place directly below the fixture.

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