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Block & Sheet

Aluminium band saw technology for the production of sheets and blocks.

Aluminium sheets of variable thickness can be produced with the Mössner saw system for horizontal and vertical cuts.

The blocks are supplied automatically, positioned and clamped. The blocks are separated into different sections through CNC programming. Here, the band saw is, for example, controlled by the program so that it rotates through 90 degrees. The plates are raised and stacked using large vacuum clamping plates. The stack of plates are then cut to the individual finished sizes.

The system runs fully automatically, is controlled numerically and monitored with lasers. The saw which is aligned to perform vertical cuts can be used universally and is also suited to sawing large blocks into smaller blocks.


Typical performance of the horizontal saw:

  • Blocksizes: up to 3000×2000×800 mm
  • Plate thickness: freely programmable, minimum of 19 mm
  • Cutting performance: up to 6000 cm²/min
  • Flatness: better than ± 0,5 mm

Typical performance of the vertical saw:

  • Initial block sizes: up to 4000 × 2000 × 1200 mm
  • Cutting performance: up to 3000 cm²/min
  • Flatness: better than ± 0,5 mm
  • Depth of roughness: better than 40 μm