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Aluminium band saw technology for cutting plates

The stacks of plates are cut to size in the horizontal direction with an initial band saw machine. By using two additional band saw machines to the left and right of the transport roller conveyor, they are then cut to size on the side at the same time. The separated waste pieces are automatically transported away, the chips are disposed of and processed into briquettes.


Typical Performance:

  • Initial plate dimensions: max. 1050 to 1800 × 3200 to 19000 × 19 to 120
  • Processed plate dimensions: 800 to 1600 × 2000 to 6000 × 19 to 120
  • Stack heights: up to 300 mm
  • Cutting performance: up to 3.000 cm²/min.
    (width × length × thickness in mm)


Example setup:

  • Plate inlet conveyor
  • Length saw machine (1)
  • Ball table
  • Feed belt
  • Side-trimming saw machines (2) and (3)
  • Side rollers for transporting away the longitudinal waste
  • Dual outlet roller conveyor
  • Length saw machine for cutting off the bundled pieces of waste