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June 2021 –
Our new aluminium section is online

Our new aluminium section is online!

🎊We are very pleased to present the new aluminium section on our homepage:

➡️ Discover our aluminium bandsaw technology for the sawing of slabs, T-bars and billets

With a Mössner sawing system, a wide variety of ingots can be sawn quickly, precisely, with a small cutting gap and thus low chip accumulation and low energy consumption, into any programmable sections. Our systems work fully automatically, numerically controlled, laser-monitored and with chip disposal by means of suction and chip press.

➡️ Our solutions for the production of plates and blocks

Aluminium sheets of variable thickness can be produced with the Mössner saw system for horizontal and vertical cuts.

➡️ High-performance band saws for billet production

Sawing aluminium extrusion billets in various diameters quickly and precisely with our high-performance band saws for billet production. For the production of billets, we offer sawing systems with automated feeding, sawing technology, marking system, handling, packaging technology, scrap and chip disposal.