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SSF 420

Mössner band saw SSF 420

The most compact Mössner band saw.

Ideal machine in operability and when only little space is available. Even the “smallest” Mössner is a very low-vibration and powerful machine due to its heavy grey cast iron construction. Saw blade dimensions from 6 to 13 mm are possible.


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Technical specifications
SSF 420
Voltage 400 Volt/50 Hertz
(Special voltages at extra charge)  
Cutting speed range 12 – 2000 m/min
Wheel diameter 420 mm
Table size 600 × 600 mm
Table height 1020 mm
Max. table payload 150 kg
Cutting width 410 mm
Cutting height 230 mm
Motor power  2,2 kW
230/400/50 Volt/Hertz
1500 × 1/min
Dimensions 1215 x 750 x 1860 mm (L x W x H)
Net weight approx. 680 kg


Technical features

  • Bandsaw machine column in stable grey cast construction
  • Cutting speed adjustable via frequency converter and three-phase motor with potentiometer
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Sawblade tension indication
  • Tiltable work-table – 30° to the right, 15° to the left
  • Upper wheel adjustable
  • Safety door switches on wheel doors
  • Saw blade guide selectable: 1 set of jaw guides or 1 set of roller guides
  • Possible tape dimensions: min. 6 mm x 0,65 mm to max. 13 mm x 0,9 mm
  • Saw blade length 3200 mm
  • 1 bi-metal saw blade
  • The technical execution of our product complies with the machinery directive 2006/42/EG and is provided with CE mark
  • Complete electrical design according to VDE
  • Paint RAL 7035 light grey, doors RAL 5005 signal blue

Optional special equipment SSF 420

Butt welder

Butt welder EBS for sawblades, incl. shear and grinding motor.

Available EBS types:

  • For bandsaw type SSF 420: EBS 16 for max. 13 mm sawblade width
  • For bandsaw types SSF 520, SSF 630, SSF 1600: EBS 25 for max. 20 mm sawblade width

Electronic annealing function for welding unit

Electronic annealing function for continuous setting of the annealing voltage for convenient treatment of the weld (for voltage until 400 Volt, 50 Hertz)

Special voltages for butt welder

Different voltages can be realised depending on the recipient country.

jaw guides with inserts
Bracket jaw guides bottom and top including carbide-tipped guide inserts for bracket jaw guides

Inserts for jaw guides
Carbide-tipped guide inserts for jaw guides

Roller guides
Roller guides inducing guide rollers used for curing speeds starting at 250 m/min.

Guide rollers
1 set = 2 pieces with rim, 2 pieces without rim

Guide dimensions depending on the saw band used

Emergency push-button

Additional foot switch on the lower part of the machine for emergency stop.

Magnetic brake upper wheel

Automatic braking of the upper wheel by magnetic brake, in case of loss of tension or saw blade breakage.

When applying the magnetic brake upper wheel for a SSF 420, a Manual saw band tensioning device with hydraulic indicator is also required.

Straight cutting device
(not available with feed table)

The straight cutting device is placed on the worktable with 4 pins. The feed is manual. By means of a mitre-adjustable feed angle and an adjustable cross-cut fence, cuts can be made at an angle of up to 45° and in lengths of up to 230 mm. The cutting depth can also be limited with another adjustable stop.

Technical data:

  • Size: 400 x 400 mm
  • Feed way: 240 mm

Parallel ledger

Parallel ledder consisting of:

  • Scaled guide bar
  • Guide cone with clamping
  • Stopper lineal
  • Maximum adjustment range of ledger:

Type SSF 420
up to 290mm

Type SSF 520/SSF 630/SSF 1600
up to 390mm

Type SSF 801
up to 550mm

Workpiece holder

Workpiece holder for safe and exact guiding of the workpiece.

Cutting support device
The cutting support device is used to cut thin sheets with thickness up to approx. 6 mm. The small contact surface prevents the sheet from vibrating and thus reduces the risk of saw blade teeth breaking.

Alignment with laser

For exact positioning a laser beam projects a laser beam on the surface of the workpiece. This beam points out the cutting channel.

Used laser: Helium-neon-laser with a prefixed lineoptic, not dangerous for the eye (corneal reflex).

LED lamp

LED lamp for lighting of the working area.

Feed tables

  • Feed table with 4 T-grooves
  • Feed way depending on machine type
  • Work table inclinable, to the right side approx. 8° and to the left side approx. 14°
  • Instead of usual table execution

Available versions:

  • Manual feed table with locking mechanism (not available for type SSF 801)
  • Manual feed table with lead screw
  • Electric feed table with servo motor and ball screw

If an electric feed table is selected, the SSF 420 band saw machine is supplied incl. manual band tensioning device with hydraulic display. From size SSF 520 onwards, this device is serially included in the band saw.

Feed way / Table sizes:

  • SSF 420
    Feed way approx. 230 mm, table size approx. 600 x 700 mm
  • SSF 520, SSF 630, SSF 1600
    Feed way approx. 350 mm, table size approx. 830 x 790 mm

Tables in other sizes can be quoted on request.

Manual feed table SSF 420, with lead screw

Electric feed table SSF 420

One-axis-positioning control

The desired feed length is entered via keyboard. The actual value is shown on the digital display. A resolver is used for electronic routing. The feed movement is switched off automatically when the pre-set measurements are reached.  A maximum of 10 programs with 10 lines each can be stored.

Minimum spray device
Lubrication of the saw band by a minimum spray device.

Consisting of:
– 1 spray head
– Pressure container for 1 l content

Manual saw band tensioning device with hydraulic indicator
(only for SSF420 – included in model SSF 520 and up)

Manual saw band tensioning device with hydraulic indicator, instead of the usual saw band tension indicator, including switching off the drives in case of saw band breakage.

Blowing off device
Blowing off chips at the sawblade. Pressure air provided by customer.

Connection piece for suction
Suction of chips at two points: lower sawblade guidance and lower wheel-box. Joined to 1 suction point for connection to suction system (by customer).


  • Funnel with connection pieces under the working table, at the lower sawblade guidance
  • Connection pieces in the lower wheel-box
  • Housing of the drive wheel

Special voltage band saw
adapted to the respective country of destination

Special paint

Suction unit
(Suitable for SSF 420, 520, 630, for SSF 801 on request)

Suction of dust, chips, granulate and fibres


  • Movable dust remover 170 l
  • Rectangular design
  • Filter category M
  • With manual filter cleaning – Connection spigot DN 140 mm


Aluminium wheel with vulcanised hard rubber coating

Credit notes are issued for returned used wheels that are in usable condition

Saw bands

We offer you saw bands in a wide range of designs and for varies application areas whether in

  • Bimetal
  • Carbide
  • Scattered saw bands

Saw band dimensions from 6 – 13 mm are possible. We will be happy to advise you and together we will find the suitable saw band for your application.

Special high-performance lubricant

Our lubricants fulfil all legal framework conditions and ensure a long service life and surface quality. The lubricants are suitable for machining high-strength steel materials, aluminium and AL alloys as well as non-ferrous metals.

Available in different package sizes

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